lee making jewelleryLee Soren Johnston – Handmade jewellery from wood, sea glass, metals and horn.

I create handmade jewellery from all sorts of materials, from wood, metals, glass, stone and horn. Basically anything I can get my hands on!

All my jewellery is hand made and finished in my cellar workshop. The only power tool I use is a drill press for the holes, everything else is completely done by hand.

I’ve always enjoyed creating art work and studied A-level art at college. I like to build things, and for the past few years I’ve been making cosplay costumes to wear to conventions and fancy dress parties.

I’ve been a tree surgeon for a few years and have learnt about different types of wood and how to work with it. Some of the wood pendants are made from bits of trees I have cut myself!

In the Press

Unique jeweller at craft fair

Wakefield First – The Ridings Welcomes Unique Jeweller to Craft Fair

The Ridings Welcomes Unique Jeweller to Craft Fair